We B Divin

Small Groups

We are THE SMALL GROUP SPECIALISTS. We never take out more than eight(8) divers except by your request. If you have six(6) divers, you have a Private Charter. We want to maximize your dive experience which can’t happen on large group boats.

Our Boat

Our 35′ Striker dive boat is configured for 16 divers. With no more than 8 divers aboard there is lots of room for everyone and their gear. Our 200 square foot bimini provides ample shade from the hot tropical sun. Sun worshipers may lounge on our foredeck cushions. With twin 250 hp diesel engines we wisk you away to 1 of over 100 dive sites most in less than 30 minutes. Our boat, appropriately named “AquaVenture” is equipped with both a marine head(toilet) and deck shower. We are also fully equipped with full emergency gear, life jackets, flares, fire extinguisher, life ring, throw bag, strobe light, oxygen kit and of course VHF radio and cell phone.

Our Service

Our personalized service is what attracts new guests and retains our numerous friends who return year after year to dive with us. Our VIP lineup includes numerous rock groups, movie stars, and the titans of business. The world’s weathiest man has had both his children trained by We B Divin’. We are happy to assemble your gear, and clean your masks.

Rendezvous Diving

Many of our guests enjoy the pleasures of sailing the aquamarine waters of the British Virgin Islands. Unfortunately, it isn’t always convenient to come into port to drop off divers. So We B Divin’ will rendezvous with you.
– we come to your vessel
– take you away for your dive
– and then return you to your friends.
How could diving be easier?

Our Equipment

We B Divin’ utilizes first quality, Sherwood brand dive equipment. All of our BCD’s and Regulators are replaced every year so you are assured of new life support scuba equipment. Service records, for all our dive gear, are meticulously maintained by our qualified technicians. You can dive assured by quality scuba equipment. ALL of our tanks are full 80 cubic ft. and 3000 psi cylinders. Many dive shops offer only 72 cubic ft. tanks or charge a premium for full size tanks.

Free Delivery

When you order Rental Gear through We B Divin’, you automatically receive free delivery and pick up – anywhere on Tortola.
When you arrive at your boat or hotel – all your dive equipment will be waiting for you.
At the conclusion of your holiday just leave the gear where you found it – and we’ll pick it up.
You want dive advice – let us know in advance and we’ll be pleased to discuss dive sites with you when we drop off your order.

Please visit our homepage at We B Divin’.


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